YIN Ministers 2017 - 18 | Tejas Patil - Chief Minister, Law & Judiciary, Skill Development Ex-Servicemen Welfare Earthquake Rehabilitation - Nashik City, Nadkumar Gaikwad - Dy. Chief Minister, General Administration, Co-operation, Textiles - Solapur Rural, Alfeeya Chafekar - Home Affairs - Raigad, Sanika Jagdale - Urban Development, Industries, Mining, Employment & Self-Employment - Aurangabad City, Satyajit Kadam - Finance & Planning, Ports - Sangli, Mayuri Atram - Forest - Chandrapur, Anirudha Jangam - School Education - Pune, Neeraj Jadhav - Marathi Language, Cultural Affairs, Housing - Pune, Abhishekh Patil - Housing - Mumbai, Prerana Shah - Revenue - Relief and Rehabilitation - Public works (excluding public undertakings) - Kolhapur City, Yogeshwari Undhe - Women and Child Development - Ahmednagar City, Pratap Sawant - Rural Development - Satara, Dhiraj Mundhe - Tribal development - Hingoli, Kalpanje Nathe - Parliamentary Affairs - Nashik, Abhijit Randhe - Water Resources, Medical, Education, Tourism - Jalgaon, Abhijit Patil - Transport, Environment - Dhule Rural, Geeta Bawane - Energy - Nagpur City, Nilisha Goyal - Water Supply, Sanitation - Jalna City, Aakash Tekwade - Public Health and Family Welfare - Pimpri Chinchwad, Shivam Acharya - Information Technology & Broadcasting - Nanded, Mukul Waghare - Social Justice, Special Assistance - Gadchiroli, Rangoli Padghan - Agriculture, Horticulture - Parbhani, Praful Thijare - Water Conservation, Protocol, Employment Guarantee Scheme - Wardha, Neeraj Jadhav - Cattle and Dairy development, Fisheries - Latur    YIN Guardian 2017 - 18 | Sujit Masal - Pune, Pravin Kolhe - A.nagar, Kalpanje nate - Nasik, Vijay Patil - Jalgaon, Abheejit Patil - Dhule, Rupal Jain - Nandurbar, Smitesh Mahtre - N.Mumbai, Snehal Gaikwad - Hingoli, Rashmi Kherudkar - Jalna, Rushikesh Sakanpur - Parbhani, Dhiraj Pawar - Aurangabad, Shreeram Moterge - Nanded, Shikant Jadhav - Latur, Krushna Aandle - Beed, Shubham Bhosle - Satara, Saurabh chaudhari - Kolhapur, Mrumai Mali - Sangli, Shreenivas Sarathe - Solapur, Ajinkya Shewale - Ratnagiri, Bakti Sutar - Sindhudurg, Deepu Tiwari - Raigad, Mrunal Sonawane - Thane, Kalpesh Kawale - Mumbai, Krutika Mehere - Palghar, Vaishanvi Nidhade - Akola, Latesh Valke - Nagpur, Ashish Kalwale - Vardha, Vishal Rathod - Yavatmal, Baghwan Dhole - Vashim, Rajkumar Naik - Amravati, Prashant Shende - Gadchiroli     Newly Elected YIN Ministry 2016-2017 | Aniket More CM - Satara, Gazal Khan Deputy CM - Nagpur, Vivek Pawar Home Minister - Aurangabad, Tejas Patil Finance Minister - Nashik, Yogesh Jadhav Education Minister - Pune, Hemant Rajesht Parliamentary Affairs - PCMC, Alfeeya Chhapekar Women & Child Welfare - Raigad, Jaywant Jagtap PWD - Beed, Kanchan Gopchade Industrial Minister - Hingoli, Vishal Nandagawli Tribal Development Minister - Akola, Kalyani Deshmukh Ministry of Rural Development - Jalna, Pranav Veer Patil Cooperation Minister - Osmanabad, Bhushan Bajad Water Resources Ministry - Buldana, Sagar Mangnle Water Conversation & Employment Ministry - Nanded, Mohit Sahare Forest Minister - Wardha, Tejaswini Patil Cultural Youth & Sport Ministry Minister - Sangli, Jinal Jain Revenue Minister - Jalgaon, Sumedh Ambhore Agriculture Ministry - Yavatmal
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Youth pledge to raise status of women in society

India is traditionally a patriarchal society where a Girl Child is considered a liability. Crimes against women start even before the birth of the girl child. Every women has to face discrimination on the basis of gender. Even in the 21st century, we have not been able to let go of our ancestral traditions. The educated youth of today have decided to take a firm stand against this discrimination and take action against Harassment Of Women.

Women are deemed to be equal to men in all aspects. However, even in this contemporary society women are suppressed. Due to patriarchal traditions, girls are considered a liability and boys as assets. Women are expected to be submissive. They are expected to play a subordinate role in the family and society. All these have given rise to Security Threats to women. We can trace a lot of examples in the recent past when women were subject to Sexual Harassment at home, work place or even public places.  Girls and women have to adhere to the dressing norms set by society, return home within time limits and other such impositions. Several steps must be taken to give due Respect To Women. The government agencies must have better law enforcement and immediate action must be initiated on complaints of Sexual Harassment. But at our level, we can try to protect and improve the  status of women in society. Awareness Campaigns aimed at changing the mentality of people can be taken up. Also, we will raise voice against any discrimination or harassment.

The condition of women in India has always been a matter of grave concern. The main reason of ViolenceAgainstWomen is the mentality which says that women are inferior to men. As long as the mindset of society does not change, women can never be safe in Indian society. These GenderInequalities then lead to violence against women. There are so many crimes apart from rape and molestation that are happening against women in India. It is such a constant reminder of the atrocities women go through on a regular basis. The government must take strict action to stop crimes like rape, trafficking, assaults, extortion against women, etc. We, the youth pledge to SafeguardWomen from every violent act done and make this a better world for women.

In rural areas, the percentage of crimes was 2.6 per cent but now its 8.9 per cent. Crimes like eveteasing, stalking, kidnapping, rape and murder are increasing by the day. There is a necessity for everyone to educate themselves about how to protect themselves.

We plan to go to schools and colleges to spread awareness about the need for SelfDefence. We will conduct workshops for eight days to train women from the rural areas. After spreading awareness in schools and colleges about SelfDefence, we will come together and organise an event where we will conduct a TrainingSession for all residents of Dombivli.